The Trouble with Christina Taft


Hey guys this is for my new section where I’ll be posting about interesting people I know or meet. So right here is Christina Taft who started a couple sites with one in particular called “Psych Victims” I thought it would be perfect to add to my links and think many of you might want to check-out or join on facebook at Yes it’s true I hear a lot of stories and Christina told me hers also. It wasn’t a happy one but seeing her resilience and how she turned it into action made me want to write this bit. I think her idea to create a site around her experience is amazing because I can immediately see the value. How many people will see the need and I don’t see many other sites like this… I always find it amazing when I see people turn all this negativity around but I wanted to ask her how she did it and some other questions and so here it is. Q: Christina, what made you go from complete victimization to complete action. A: That was my intention! To become self-empowered. Truly empowering oneself and others is the best way to get over victimization.

Q: Were you always a “take action” type of person? A: I was just a normal child growing up – going to school, online, art… It was in April 2016 when I started as a business major that began my activism. Before that I was volunteering for other people’s ideas.

Q: Why the name Psych Victims? A:
The name Psych Victims relates to Crime Victims. Since Texas Christian University first threw me into being a psych victim after I complained to the Fort Worth PD. I had my premises checked out after my allegation of a break in, and general complaints against bad contacts. I feel that Psych Victims relates strongly to Crime Victims. It has a perpetrator and shows that people are victims. I didn’t relate to “psychiatric survivors” or “mad pride” or similar labels. Psych means psychology and “mental health” (not only psychiatry) and a person can still be a victim, but still stuck in the system, rather than a “survivor.” It’s all encompassing.

Further, I agree that normal people are forced into the ‘abnormal’ by psych. It is a sham and a game to remove dissent, differences, or variations. My idea to create Everyday Psych Victims Project came nearly two years after TCU’s forcefulness in the fall of 2014. No other places were “anti-mental health” nor really took the victims’ perspective so I knew that I needed an outlet. People, including myself, are/were punished for speaking out against their victimization and the victimization of others. This platform is to empower people to overthrow and expose these atrocities. Moreover, it came after the “TI” related problems I experienced from Jan 2015, right after I believe MK-Ultra-connected TCU projected ‘electrical signals to my brain” from one of those people I complained about. I never said this then, but about 3 months later I had a burning/pulsating blood. Also breathing issues, and swelling feet/legs and only indoors while I traveled. The only thing I could find about burning, acid like painful blood is one MK-Ultra drug page seen here:

EPVP includes TIs as well, and I think it’s great to take these views, as any other “anti-psych” organizations completely ignore these facets, and also government or political dissidents. EPVP will take on all viewpoints against psych! I know if that psych was disbanded, then people likely couldn’t be Tis either, since it’s highly connected. We’ll be the first and most influential! 

Brief Bio:
Christina is a Business Administration: Management major ((I just changed this option)) and is the Founder of, Hero Motivators, Motivationology, and Everyday Psych Victims Project. These are to empower and turn from a victim to a self-starter. She goes to a California State University. She has 3 Associate degrees in Business Administration and Social Science.

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