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How to END Your Gang Stalking!

This series was written after I wrote my first book “Sin Thesis” about paranormal events that happened throughout my life. While writing that book I realized how much I wrote about government conspiracy. Targeting was a big part of my personal life and I ended filing a federal civil rights complaint during the writing of the book. After it came to an end I decided that others who experienced what I did might want to know what I did about it. I thought 200 people “tops” would read the series and that would be that. Only, over a 100 thousand read the last installment and so many letters later and with so many being the same answering them all was too daunting. I decided to write a book to answer everyone all at once. Here is the series complete with some minor editing and it will answer most of your questions. We start here with the intro! (read more)

Left: Homemade microwave weapon using high watt magnetron from typical microwave oven Right: Handheld Mini Z X-ray emitter. Both penetrate walls causing internal damage or cancer.

When I was taking classes in audio engineering and then electronics, much of what I did was to study wave frequencies. I guess that’s why I never bothered with wave frequency detectors. I never thought I needed them because my goal was to stop the stalking. I do suspect that I may have been a victim of wave attack but our options are limited. However, If you decide you want to defend yourself in many cases it might make sense – like while sleeping you are most vulnerable or if you have children. (read more)

Anomalous Waves of Influence

“The Mind has no Firewall. - Therefore is susceptible to all form of non-detectable intrusions.” If your thoughts were hacked you wouldn’t even know they weren’t your own. --- Timothy L Thomas (The U.S. Army War College Quarterly)

The Secret “Shadow Government” and the experimental targeting of innocent citizens have always been seen by some ultimately as the greater good of a means to an end. The greater good for who and what is a big part of the whole NWO agenda/cover-up of “what” this is all about. The need for control of entire populations has also always been part of a certain societal prerequisite for the NWO nations but not without a human cost. In the days gone by this was done by manipulating things like access to food, jobs, currency, using distraction and more often brutality to keep peoples corralled. Stalin, Hitler, Dracul, Caesar, kings and here in the US the need for control ushers in an era of more subtle passive methods. Top-Secret technology in the form of wave science research and applications like variable wave weaponry has changed the game. (read more)

Surviving Gangstalking
My experience and tactics for living anxiety-free
Guest writer - Mary Joy MacKay

My targeting began in a way similar to many. Way back in 1996 I was hired by a large corporation as an administrative assistant. On my third day in my new position, a woman who I had barely just met approached me in the corridor and said to me “if anybody fucks with me, they have to pay.” How do you respond to a statement like that from somebody you don’t know? (read more)