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Philosophy of Time

Have you ever wondered what is meant by a moment in time? To capture a moment in time we have to combine slices upon slices of infinitesimal imaginary finites. To get to a moment we will remember there has to have once been a now! What after all is “NOW” or “real time,” and how long does it last? (read more) by R Torres

Is Communication From the Future Already HERE?

Did you know that there was a study conducted to see if someone from the future was here present in our time? Here's what they found... (read more) by R Torres

The Politics of Hate - Deep Inside the Red Brain

Is there something politicians know that the vast majority of the US voters don’t? Some of them are proof that all they need to know is how their voters think. You don’t really believe many of them talk the way they do because they’re stupid, do you? It may at times appear that way, but they are speaking to voter profiles. First they outline their demographic and then angle the pitch. (read more) by R Torres

The Alien God Species - The Watchers are HERE!

There is a species of extraterrestrials that are often referred to as being mythological, but, in fact, are very real. I call them “The Watchers” or “The God Species.” I know this because I believe I encountered one, and it altered my entire reality. (read more) by R Torres

Can US Military Brain Scans Being Tested On Troops Screen Police For Racial Bias?

Can functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans and other technology currently being tested on soldiers in the US military be used to screen police recruits for hidden racist attitudes? The answer is a resounding YES! (read more) by R Torres