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Bobby Towers

Author Bio
Bobby Towers is the author of "Circle of Snakes" and is actually a pen name. He wishes to remain anonymous but he has been involved in writing for many years as a freelance.


Circle of Snakes

In some circles things sometimes just don’t feel right because they aren’t! This book is about REAL CONSPIRACY not “theory” - actual EVIL occurring every day in America. The stuff you always read about hidden in the shadows is TRUE. All of the events in this book actually happened. I know, because they happened to me and it’s my story. This is a manual on how to stop Government Gang Stalking. It’s reference for anyone experiencing any type of organized stalking. If you or someone you know is a victim then this manual was written for you. Only through education can we stop these insidious government activities and black projects.

“Most people in the world do not care to be anarchists nor revolutionists and neither do I. However, sometimes our lots in life choose us rather than we choose our lots in life. So, when someone wants to make that choice for us, we must act. The system is broken - bent on ruling the world and controlling the population. It’s up to us to free ourselves. - Bobby T


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Please visit these sites and magazines we like.