Side 1
The Awakening
The Otherside
Then There Was Rock
Side 2
Still Of Night
Precious Time
Rock Me
A New Day

Titanic - Then There Was Rock:
This record actually has a cool story behind it. It was written and recorded in 1986 when I was 18 but since I didn’t like the number 6 at the time I put a date of 1985. The subject matter is some of the same stuff I write about today. UFOs, government conspiracy, overcoming addiction, love and music. All of it was first-hand knowledge of things I actually experienced. The first song “The Awakening” was written for Metal Blade Records in LA about government abuse of the people.

The album itself was a total run of 3000 copies and unbeknownst to me it immediately became a collector’s item because the band broke up. So it was only released in New Haven, CT. Fast forward 15 years and people were calling my house about the defunct band and record. The first guy said he found my drummer Carlo in the NY public library. I sold him 300 copies that I had collecting dust for $10 apiece. Then I started getting calls from all over the world with people offering $50 for one. I sold all of them in 3 days. I got curious as to how people heard about a record from New Haven? Magazines - I was told. Then within a few days, I get this letter in German from a magazine and it turns out that collectors of metal music had been looking for it for years. It also said: “What Mr. Torres probably doesn’t know is that his album is selling for $300 dollars US apiece in Japan.” To this day you can still buy bootlegs in different parts of the world. And although they are rare, you can still find some real ones in different countries for between $100 to $200. Here’s a “purchase link” to buy starting at $110. I’ll be doing some type of giveaway on this site when I get a chance as I still have a dozen or so.


Lyrics "Rise" mp3

You here in this place, so far from home so all alone
Me - You, together for eternity if time will spare us
Rise touch the sun for you are the only one for better or worse
And I have come from the flowing tides adrift in time and I can't throw you away

And I have come from the flowing tides adrift in time and I can't show you the way
We stand for reason the reasons they are slowly melting away

Here we stand alone, here on the plain
Over the years we can't find what we came for - can there be more
Until we meet again in this world - I must say goodbye
Help me find a smile and rise from the depths
Rise touch the sun cause you are the only one


Lyrics "The Awakening" mp3
Metal Blade Records (distributed by Sony)

You reach out your hands and open up your eyes
You think you fool me but I see through your disguise
You are the EVIL that dwells in the night
You’ve come from darkness for the vengeance you will find
Now we must face your Awakening, arisen from the grave the demon lives again

Your twisted vision is a world in which you lead
Your followers blinded by the promises that they’ll never see
You give them dreams of a new reality
They’ll hear no warning of the coming of the Demon seed

Well you are the wicked queen but we are the rulers here
We have the fighting machines so you’d better stand clear
Cause this means war, I can’t take anymore

Rising from the ashes things will never be the same
We have freed the people from your clutches once again
Over and over must we play this madman’s game
The everlasting battle with no winner and no end


from a project “Wings of Flame” recorded a little over ten years ago. They got me a couple calls out of the blue from SONY Records which heard them on my website at the time. I never sent them a copy and was working on the other end of the business. The first song “Sands of Time” was about beating addiction when I was younger. The second song “YOU” was a call to GOD.

Line up: Robert Torres vocals: John McCarthy (President Rockhouse Method – Guitar Player Magazine) on guitar: Carlo Zazzarino (Titanic) on drums: Steve Gorenberg (Warner Bros. – Practicing Musician Magazine) on bass.


Lyrics "Sands of Time" mp3

I stood on the mountain, calling to the dark sky - I have seen it part before my eyes.
The earth divides below me, lead me through the valley lead me to paradise.
The Sands of time are falling away, passing time, passing time.

I have slain the dragon that once tried to enslave me there beyond the ruins of my past.
I have seen the future, the astral plains of Ever, now I know there is no turning back.
The Sands of time are falling away, passing time, passing time.

There inside your dark eyes I can see your hidden pain I know I have seen this face before.
The Sands of time are falling away, passing time, passing time.

Here we are, beyond the universe. We must go home to where we belong.
There is a spark in every one of us. Only we have the choice to make the path we take.


Lyrics "YOU" mp3

What are these things you see - we cannot see at all
What are these things you do - no one can hope to
Trying not to fear what we believe is real

These visions in my mind lead me to you. The truth I need to find
Oh hear me when I call - There’s not enough understanding
The flame will rise and fall but the fire keeps on burning

Your reality what we cannot perceive - Knowledge that lies deep beyond infinity
Mind over matter or just a crazy dream

These visions in my mind lead me to you The hope for all mankind

Lyrics to "The Awakening" from Metal Blade Records
(distributed by Sony)